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Introducing ThirdScribe Voice

Today is the official unveiling of ThirdScribe Voice, a new facet of the ThirdScribe platform that’s available to all members — Authors and Readers, free and premium.

What is it? Voice gives every member their own blog.

“What?” you say? “It’s not a chatbot that will automatically send my thoughts to artificial intelligence everywhere?”

No, sorry to report we’re not that sophisticated. Besides, a chatbot may be able to call you an Uber, but it can’t talk in your voice. It can’t tell your story. It can’t review a book.

But you can. And now, you can do it easier than ever.

And, unlike book blogging options on other book platforms, ThirdScribe Voice is made for actually getting your words out there.

Basically, we felt member blogging could — and should! — be a lot better than a half baked add-on, so we decided to do something about it.

We aren’t the first book social network to have user blogs. For example, both GoodReads and Booklikes have them. However, there are some pretty stark differences between us all.

Writing a Blog Post

Voice uses a modern visual interface with inline editing. It’s easy and intuitive to use, and what you see on the screen is what your post is going to look like. You can assign categories, tags, and featured images (very important for sharing on social media, which we’ll get to in a second). GoodReads using a very basic text editor, with no images. BookLikes isn’t much better.

Meant To Be Read

A post made with Voice is an actual blog post and can be seen on your profile, the activity stream, and in Voice itself. Open it up, and it’s an actual blog post, with your author credit at the bottom (which you would set up here). It’s completely responsive and looks great on all platforms. Not so with GR and BL. Here are screen shots of Voice vs the others.

Sharing Is Important

How about where it really counts — social sharing? That is a definite win for Voice, as it is made to work together with social media to get your points out there. Here’s how the identical post, created on each platform, is presented when shared to Facebook’s 1.2 Billion daily users.


I am an Author, is Voice for me?

If you don’t have a blog on your own site, then, yes, Voice is definitely for you. Especially if you want to use ThirdScribe tools to create a free author platform for yourself.

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